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Ems Incontinence Treatment Incontinence Treatment

WHAT IS Ems Incontinence EXACTLY?

We are happy to have the ability to offer women a ground-breaking method of treating urinary incontinence and also tightening up the pelvic floor muscles.

The Ems Incontinence Treatment is extremely effective, risk-free, and it doesn't need you to eliminate your clothes or submit to any kind of type of intimate evaluation.

The Ems Incontinence Treatment is a cutting-edge medical gadget that looks like a chair and uses electro-magnetic modern technology to promote the pelvic floor muscle mass while you rest on it fully clothed.

The pelvic floor muscle mass are boosted, which assists to lower urinary incontinence. The chair requires 6 28-minute sessions, which equates to 11,000 pelvic floor tightening's.

WHAT DOES Ems Incontinence INCLUDE?

Your initial go appointment with among our consultants, that will certainly be able to stroll you through the actions and also allow you recognize just how much improvement to prepare for.

Please be aware that there is NO vaginal evaluation done.

You can after that begin the very first of your 6 treatments on that particular day, pending schedule!

The following 5 weeks, we will certainly see you in clinic twice a week for 28 minutes each time, up until your program is over.

There is no recuperation duration; normal activities can begin today adhering to therapy.


Ems Incontinence Treatment is a non-invasive, incredibly effective pelvic flooring device used to deal with anxiety incontinence.

The pelvic floor machine called the Ems Incontinence Treatment Chair is a sophisticated medical device that resembles a routine chair and also uses electromagnetic technology to instantaneously boost and strengthen the pelvic flooring muscle mass.

Urinary incontinence can be permanently eliminated by gaining back bladder control and also enhancing the pelvic flooring muscular tissues.

Worry not if, like most of us, you discover it difficult to execute 11,000 pelvic flooring tenses in just 1 session on the Ems Incontinence Treatment chair!

Consequently, it is the greatest pelvic floor instructor on the marketplace.

Stress urinary incontinence and overactive bladder can severely impact a person’s self esteem. It is not a disease, our medical continence service can be easily treated.

Incontinence is however a distressing problem yet many people think that the only solution is surgery for many cases.

Ems Incontinence Treatment is the perfect alternative and we can offer inpatient continence assessments.

While the operation will certainly create your pelvic flooring muscle mass to tighten up and also seem like they are getting somewhat, it is normally not unpleasant.

Are you looking for the most effective tension incontinence treatment because you have tension urinary incontinence?

We help women with an innovative pelvic flooring treatment that is meant to relieve stress incontinence and swiftly strengthen the pelvic flooring.

The Ems Incontinence Treatment process does not need you to eliminate your garments and is a fast, secure, and also very efficient pelvic flooring treatment.

Stress and anxiety incontinence therapy is currently FDA-approved.

No anaesthetic or recovery period is required.

entirely non-intrusive

The fastest as well as most reliable pelvic floor exercises easily accessible anywhere in the world

Six sessions amounting to 2-3 weeks comprise the program of the EMS Incontinence Treatment treatment. Also while you might see progression after simply one Ems Incontinence Treatment Chair session, lasting improvements come from finishing the entire training course of six. If essential, outcomes can be “covered up” with a solitary session every 18 to 24 months.

The Ems Incontinence Treatment Chair is a market-leading method for treating anxiety urinary incontinence and also tightening up the pelvic floor muscle mass that has received FDA approval.


We provide a comprehensive consultation in advance given that we recognise that for the majority of ladies, seeking therapy for this disorder is a frightening procedure. This urinary incontinence approach is definitely non-invasive and also requires minimum recovery time, which is regularly really valuable for patient comfort.

With this pelvic flooring maker, you will feel your pelvic floor and also vaginal muscle mass tightening throughout the operation (these feel like small tightenings), however it will not injure at all.

No. There is no need to take off garments or have a genital check-up when making use of the Ems Incontinence Treatment stress incontinence therapy.

You will require a program of 6 therapies executed over the course of 2 to 3 weeks. If necessary, outcomes can be maintained or completed with erratic upkeep sessions.

You will certainly first visit our workplace for an assessment with a female medical professional. She will be able to explain the treatment and the level of improvement you can prepare for, which will mostly rely on the kind as well as intensity of your urine incontinence in addition to individual characteristics like age and way of living.


You can then begin the first of your 6 therapies that exact same day, pending accessibility. Afterwards, for the complying with 3 weeks, we will fulfill you in clinic two times a week for 28-minute sessions up until your course mores than.