Sagging Neck - Alice Treatment Story

“I have always not liked having wrinkles and a saggy neck only because it has made me not liking what my age has done to my once good skin so I wanted to have a temporary fix to my skin so I went to spire aesthetics after looking up treatments of wrinkles and saggy neck and spire aesthetics seemed to of been the best service that I have looked up so than I gave them a try and so far it has changed the way I feel and my skin making me feel more confident with myself. Very pleased with the procedure that was done I would highly recommend spire aesthetics to all my friends and family for this procedure.”

Before & After HIFU

High-intensity focused ultrasound or HIFU is a safe treatment that targets different depths of your body’s tissue for skin lifting, skin tightening, body contouring as well as neck lift. A neck lift removes excess fat or skin around your jawline, which creates a more defined, youthful-looking neck. The results of a neck lift procedure using this technique is long-lasting.

The procedure is non-invasive and works by targeting the deep layers in your skin. This cosmetic treatment boosts the production of new collagen as well as the regeneration of collagen right at the source. Collagen is known to be the main structural protein in your extracellular matrix in the tissues found in your body. Collagen makes up from 25 to 35 per cent of your entire body protein content.

HIFU treatment is also referred to as ‘Lunchtime Face Lift’ as the medical procedure is swift, tolerable plus it doesn’t have downtime after the procedure is completed. In this article, we will look at the benefits of this procedure, as well as what you should before and after the procedure.

Brow Treatment - Amy Story

“I have been trying to find a way to sort out my eyes with the wrinkles and the change of colour in the eyelids but there was only a temporary solution to this which was makeup but I wanted something that was more permanent, until I found spire aesthetics which were able to sort out the issue in just 1 session which was really good and I was still able to carry on with my daily life. Thanks to spire aesthetics for giving me a solution I would highly recommend to all my friends and family in the future if they are looking for a treatment.”

Benefits of HIFU treatment

– Your skin becomes smooth after the procedure.
– Tightens the décolletage.
– Enhances the jawline definition.
– It can lift your eyelids, eyebrows or cheeks.
– Tightens sagging skin on your neck, which is also known as turkey neck.
– Reduces wrinkles.

HIFU treatment for weight loss, inch loss and body

Ultraformer’s 9 millimetre and 13-millimetre cartridges are used for your body HIFU energy targets fat layers and destroy fat cells. High-intensity focused ultrasound is suitable for body contouring under the buttocks, thighs, bingo wings, abdomen fat and post-pregnancy belly. HIFU is one of the most effective treatments for fat loss and inch loss as well as an excellent technique for tightening your skin.

Does HIFU hurt?

The HIFU device that our clinic use is designed to offer faster shot speeds with shorter intervals between shots, meaning that it is comfortable for people who choose to do this procedure at our clinic. It’s less painful and more comfortable than most of the HIFU cosmetic treatments on the market.

High-intensity focused ultrasound for face procedure – before and after HIFU

There is no special preparation required before having this procedure. Knowing what to do before and after the procedure will ensure you enjoy the benefits that this procedure offer. Here is what you should expect when you set up an appointment and the dos and don’ts before or after this procedure.

Forehead Treatment - Daniel Story

“I have been needing to sort out my forehead for some time but had never gotten around to me it had never bothered me but I felt like it needed to go as it was starting to get much bigger around my forehead so I decided to search for some ideas on forehead treatments and I had found spire aesthetics and started reading on the forehead treatment and had decided to call them up which they were some lovely people to talk to they had answered all my questions and just seemed to of know what they are doing so I than got a treatment for my forehead and was happy with the results at the end. So thank you spire aesthetics I will be coming back in the future.”

A week before the procedure

One week before the procedure, try to avoid the following:

– Avoid sunless tanning and sun exposure a week before the procedure. Suntanned or sunburned skin won’t be treated.
– Stop using skin irritants one week before the procedure. These include retinol products, benzoyl peroxide or glycolic/ salicylic acids.
– Advise your plastic surgeon if your started taking antibiotics one week before the procedure. Certain antibiotics can make you photosensitive, so the procedure may not be performed until 2 weeks after you have finished taking antibiotics.

One day before the procedure

One day before the procedure, you should inform your doctor if you have fever blisters or cold sores. It is important to contact your doctor and talk to them regarding these issues one before the procedure as they will prescribe an antiviral medication before the procedure starts. Your plastic surgeon can not start the procedure if you have a skin infection or cold sore. The will have to reschedule the appointment. Make sure you contact your plastic surgeon through email or phone if you have any skin issues or cold sore.

Decolletage Treatment - Paige Story

“I had recently had my décolletage sorted from spire aesthetics as this was needing to be done as it was making me feel uncomfortable having all this excess fat around my neck and cheeks the results were good after just 2 sessions with spire aesthetics they have done a brilliant job on my neck and cheeks which now I am more confident since having all this excess fat gone. Couldn’t be any more pleased with the treatment thank you spire aesthetics.”

What is the cost of HIFU treatment and is it safe?

Before you choose where you will do this procedure there are some few things you should know. There are many fake HIFU machines on the market. The lower end devices are dangerous and not as effective as the original ones. The cartridges of the fake devices cannot treat the depths they are claiming. However, if a trained professional uses a device that’s marked with CE, the HIFU procedure will be a safe, effective alternative to surgery.

HIFU is regarded as a safe and effective noninvasive procedure ideal for tightening your facial skin (face lifting). It has many benefits than a surgical face lift as there are no recovery time or required rest, no incisions and no scarring after the procedure is completed. HIFU treatment is also less expensive when compared to a face lift. Many patients who choose this non-invasive face lifting procedure will see full results 3 months after the final HFIU treatment. If you are looking for a face lifting procedure that is painless, noninvasive and quick, HIFU is undoubtedly an excellent option than a surgical face lift.

HIFU treatment is suitable for people who have mild-to-moderate skin laxity. You may also need to have this procedure performed again after one or two years when the natural ageing process starts to take over.

If you want to have a tight, smooth neck or face, contact us by email or phone to get a quote. When you contact us, we will give you all the information you need concerning this procedure. We offer consultations for free and combination procedures to help further enhance results. We can also advise you on what you should do before and after the procedure.

Lower Face Treatment - Sarah Story

“I have been trying to find a way to sort out my lower part of my face as it had gotten to the point where wrinkles were showing up on my face and having marks under my eyes but the only thing that was a temporary fix to this was makeup as it was covering up the areas which I was not happy about but was looking for something that can help with getting rid of it this is until I found out spire aesthetics had a solution for me which I found through Facebook from one of their posts . I couldn’t be any more happier with the results I had got at the end. I would highly recommend!”

The day of the procedure

– Before treatment, remove all skin care products or makeup from the target area.
– Before the procedure, your technician or physician will clean the target area such as the neck or your face.
– Before starting, they will apply a topical anaesthetic cream.
– Your technician or physician will then apply an ultrasound gel before starting.
– The high-intensity focused ultrasound will be placed against your skin.
– Your technician or physician will use an ultrasound viewer to adjust the machine to the right setting before they begin with the procedure.

– Ultrasound energy will then be delivered to the specific target area such as your neck or face. This will be in short pulses for approximately half an hour or more.
– The device is removed after ultrasound has been delivered to the target area.
– If additional procedures are required, after the procedure is complete, you will set up the next procedure. You can contact your doctor through email or phone to schedule the next appointment.

– While your technician or physician is applying the ultrasound energy, you may feel tingling or heat. Ultrasound energy is a kind of mechanical energy known as sound defined by moving or vibrating particles within a medium.

After the procedure

-You can take medication after the procedure to reduce the pain if it is bothersome.
– After the procedure, it’s normal for the target area to feel tender.
– Avoid sun exposure for about 24-48 hours after the procedure.
– Don’t do strenuous exercise for 24 t-48 hours after the procedure.
– Although rare, temporary numbness or bruising in the treated area may occur after the procedure.
– Apply a gentle cream-gel after every 4-6 hours for the next 72 hours after the procedure.
– You can go back home and resume your usual activities immediately after the procedure.
– Results will be seen 6-8 weeks after the procedure and will improve over time. The process of collagen induction will continue to work another 6 months after the procedure.
– Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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