Appointments and cancellations at Spire Aesthetics –

All clinical staff at Spire Aesthetics have successfully completed comprehensive training in the procedures they perform and the products they use. Consequently, they are all able to provide the same expert level of service, so we do not guarantee that you will see the same clinician at each visit.

Because our facilities are at premium use, we have to charge for clinic time lost to us due to failed appointments where at least 48-hours notice has not been given.

When you wish to cancel or reschedule an appointment, you must call the clinic and speak to a member of staff. We do not accept cancellations or rescheduling made by email or voicemail message.

Missed treatments –

If, you are unable to provide Spire Aesthetics with 48-hours notice of a cancellation or wish to reschedule you will be charged for the full cost of the treatment you would have received.

If, we have recommended a number of sessions and you miss treatments without 48-hours notice, not only will you be expected to meet the cost of those in full, you will also need to pay for additional treatments in order to get the results you are hoping for.

Failure to provide us with 48-hours notice will mean that we will expect you to pay for future bookings in advance.

Attend on time –

We respectfully ask that you attend your treatment session ten minutes before it is due to begin. This enables us to complete any paperwork. Failure to do so will mean that completion of the paperwork will eat into your treatment time.

Spire Aesthetics may cancel your appointment –

If, you arrive late for a session we reserve the right to cancel that session or carry out the treatment in the time remaining. In either case, you will be liable for the full cost of the session.

Although Spire Aesthetics aim to provide you with the very best service, there may be times when, due to extenuating circumstances, we need to cancel your session at short-notice.

We may also cancel you appointment when you have failed to carry out any pre-treatment we have recommended. Alternatively, we may both reduce the length of your session and ask for additional payment.

Refunds are not available for treatments you have subsequently changed your mind about. However, you may be able to use the amount paid for other treatments we offer.

Payments, deposits and credit card details –

To secure an appointment with us we ask for a £50 deposit at the time you book. This can be paid in cash, by credit or debit card or bank transfer. The data we hold regarding payment methods is treated with the utmost security. The £50 is offset against your treatment costs. All treatments must be paid for in full before they commence. These are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to a third party.

Courses of treatment –

Where we recommend a course of treatment it must be paid for in full in advance. You must complete the course within 12 weeks of your first session. Failure to do so will result in you forfeiting any remaining sessions.

It is important to understand that your best chance of obtaining the results you want is by following any instructions we give you and completing the recommended course. Whilst Spire Aesthetics cannot guarantee results, neither can we be held responsible for treatments that have proved unsuccessful due to client negligence.

Am I suitable for treatment? –

Before we begin a course of treatment we will make sure that it is right for you; you are suitable for the treatment and it has a good chance of giving you the results you are looking for. We will discuss these factors with you and if we refuse treatment we will tell you why. In these circumstances, you will be expected to pay only for the initial consultation.

Treatment refusal –

Medical conditions can preclude you from treatment or change the nature in which we are able to administer them. It is important to tell us about your medical history. If, you do not disclose this at the outset but tell us later we could cancel your treatment in which case you will be liable for the full cost.

Liability –

When we agree to treat you it is on the understanding that we will not be liable for any form of loss or damage, including financial loss.

Treatments are conducted on the basis that you have disclosed your medical history to us. We will not be liable for any injury or damage caused if you have failed to do so.

Should you suffer death or injury as a consequence of negligence by a member of our staff we will be liable. However, where a client fails to carry out recommended pre-course treatment or aftercare we will not be liable for injury or damage.

Special offers, discounts and vouchers –

Discounts are made from our RRP only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other vouchers or offers.

If you secure your appointment using a voucher but do not attend, you will forfeit the voucher. Even if you use a voucher to pay your deposit, your clinic still requires 48-notice of any cancellation or need to reschedule.


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